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دانلود آهنگ Monzavi از Rastaak

دانلود آهنگ Monzavi از Rastaak

دانلود آهنگ Monzavi از Rastaak
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دانلود آهنگ Monzavi از Rastaak

System Mechanic ۱۶.۰.۰.۵۵۰ پنج نرم افزار کامل است که در یک بسته نرم افزاری جمع شده است : هر کسی نیاز دارد که کامپیوترش را از خطرات محافظت کند ، سرعت آن را افزایش دهد و خطا‌های آن را برطرف کند. تعمیر خرابی‌های نرم افزاری پیش آمده ، بالا بردن کارایی سیستم ، رفع هنگ کردن ناگهانی سیستم ، محافظت در مقابل کرم‌های اینترنتی ، ویروس‌ها ،و تهدید هکر‌ها ، و … . نرم افزار System Mechanic نیاز‌های حیاتی سیستم شما را رفع خواهد کرد.



System Mechanic – this is a program designed to support the operation of your computer at the highest level! System Mechanic can find unnecessary and duplicate files, clean registry and find incorrect shortcuts, delete broken links in the removal of programs, to track changes made during installation, manage startup to clean the hard drive of unnecessary files to defragment, and much more.

Few would deny that the safe operation of the computer depends on the degree of care. Do not just think that we are talking about the need to regularly clean the monitor, system unit and keyboard from dust. This is – by itself. Under the “care” in this case means the regular cleaning of the hard drive of unnecessary files and their duplicates (including your browser cache and ies), the guaranteed removal of information that should not be seeing strangers, nastroyaka parameters of Windows (including optimizing the settings for connecting to the Internet) Optimizer, Registry and even desirable that all this happened in the automatic mode. Of course, unnecessary files (like *. bak) can find and remove them manually, but how long it take? A register? How many people dare to do it manually “reconstruction”? In addition, in some cases, you must keep track of what and where to write any program installed, then “manually” can not do.

System Mechanic includes seven basic elements:
– Cleaning the Registry
– Defrag File System
– Operating system optimizer
– Cleaning zhestktogo drive of unnecessary files
– Freeing memory
– “Repair” labels
– Correction of errors when connecting to the Internet
– And a lot of smaller “niche” tools.



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